“Curly hair like Grandpa’s.” Charlie Chaplin’s grandson grew up to be his copy

He does look like his famous grandfather!

Meet this handsome man, none other than the grandson of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. With the naked eye, you can see the similarities between the men: curly hair, blue-gray eyes and incredible charisma.

James Thiérrée was born in 1974.

By the way, the 46-year-old handsome man does not like to be compared with his famous ancestor: “Each of us has parents, grandparents. We take something from them: both good and bad. But in my case, it’s always Chaplin, Chaplin and Chaplin.”

Thiérrée chose a creative profession for himself. In this man, several characters get along at once: a director, a violinist, a mime, an acrobat, a dancer, an artist. Nature is resting on the children of celebrities, you say? Throughout his childhood, little James toured with his parents.

Victoria Chaplin and Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée have created their own circus. Today, James often recalls the romantic love story of his parents. Victoria was 18 years old when she ran away with the young actor Jean-Baptiste. Thiérrée recalls that at school he often got from classmates: “I was the son of an ordinary clown.”

Thiérrée has appeared in films several times and even received an award as the most promising actor. In 1998, the man founded his own theater company.

About some of Thiérrée’s productions, I would like to say: “Very Chaplin-like.” Someone once wrote about James: “Grandfather didn’t finish his glass of wine, leaving it to his grandson.”

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