Once this cat came from a walk with a note on the collar

Cats may also live with two or more families

The cat Nilo kept a secret for several years, which her owner did not even know about. However, sooner or later the truth always comes out.

Hector Morales found Nilo on the street when she was still a tiny kitten. The fluffy beauty liked to spend a lot of time outdoors, but by the end of the day she always returned home.

After a while, the mustachioed pet began to leave the house and came only a few days later. Hector was very worried about Nilo at first and posted ads all over the neighborhood. But the cat came back every time, and her behavior was normal.

The guy thought that the pet had gone on a spree, but after a long absence she was not exhausted, and she did not pounce on food. Hector didn’t understand where his cat was going and where she was staying.

And then one day the young man found out the secret of his pet. After another long absence, Nilo returned with a note that was attached to her collar. As it turned out, the cat lived in two families and was even called differently there!

From the text, Hector learned that his pet’s name is Angela, and when she leaves his house, she stays with other owners. The guy was shocked by this news and felt betrayed. But later, when he calmed down, he stopped being offended by Nilo and even became grateful to those people who took care of his cat.

After a while, the meowing creature was going to leave Hector again. Then the young man wrote an answer to the other owners and also attached it to the collar. In the note, the guy asked for a phone number and indicated his own. And he also asked to warn if the new owners go on vacation. In the end, Morales made a postscript that Nilo had eaten tuna before leaving.

From this story it is clear that cats, as well as some people, can live in two families.

These are such fickle creatures, these mustachioed pets, and one house is not enough for them.

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