8 styles of dresses that visually reduce the belly and make you slimmer

A successful dress will hide all the flaws of your figure, and an unsuccessful one will flaunt them!

You need to choose a dress very carefully, evaluating the material, texture, color, cut. Especially if you have extra centimeters around the belly.

These 8 models are what you need!

1. High-waisted

A dress of this cut perfectly hides the tummy, especially if there is a wide belt that distracts attention. This is a very elegant and feminine option, you can wear it anywhere – from the office to dates.

2. Loose-fitting dress

The perfect solution to hide the volume in the waist area. The most correct materials are cotton and other natural. The skin will breathe, comfort is provided at the highest level.

3. Straight dress

Another great style that makes the figure more elegant and looks great with brutal shoes, wide boots. The dress is voluminous at the same time, but does not increase the proportions.

4. On the smell

An overstated waist in combination with a style for the smell is an impeccable choice for those who need to stretch the silhouette and distract their eyes from the tummy.

5. Shirt dress

A loose fit, a vertical row of buttons is the right decision. This dress looks good without a belt in the most comfortable version. If you want to accentuate the waist, you can’t do without a belt.

6. With a contrasting pattern.

The contrast of color perfectly distracts attention from problems with the figure. The waist is slightly accentuated, so the model does not look shapeless.

7. Fitted dress

Properly fitted models are very feminine and perfectly hide flaws. The main thing is that the thin fabric does not fit the figure.

8. With a small print

This option slims, gives the figure grace, thanks to a free fit and an ornament that dissipates attention.

Dress properly and no one will notice your shortcomings!

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