12 facts about flying in an airplane that few people know

Why you shouldn’t drink tea on board and many other interesting facts about planes

Nowadays, flying by plane is not very expensive, and a lot of time is saved. Airlines have some secrets that employees prefer to keep secret from passengers. How to find them out?

Flight attendants, pilots or just people hired by airlines often talk about it on forums.

1. Never drink coffee or tea on board!

No one cleans the water tanks that are on board: the rules of operation of aircraft do not provide for their drainage.

2. Pilots explain that smartphones turned on will not lead to a plane crash

In fact, the problem is that interference caused by switched-on phones is very disturbing for pilots. The noise caused by the connection attempt is just annoying.

3. Pilots admit that they often sleep in the cabin

They work too hard and they need a rest. It’s easy to understand. But how would you react if you saw that the co-pilot is also asleep?

4. If possible, do not take a pet with you on the flight

The noise they have to endure is terrible!

5. Take wet wipes on each flight

Wipe as much of the surface with them as possible, because the plane is a habitat for bacteria. An ordinary armrest could be used by someone with a sore skin. Flight attendants admit that no one does disinfection after the flight. There is simply no time for it. It happens, that as soon as the passengers have left the cabin, boarding for the return flight immediately begins.

6. Planes can carry not only passengers with their suitcases

There are very specific loads… Did you know that most domestic flights carry the bodies of the deceased on board? Now it becomes clear why it’s terribly cold in the trunk.

7. Contrary to popular opinion, it is very difficult to crash a plane

The pilots say that even if the engines fail, the plane will be able to fly about 65 kilometers and even land successfully. Accidents are much more likely to occur during takeoff or landing.

8. Contrary to the popular opinion of those who are afraid of flying, accidents happen very rarely

Pilots guarantee that even if something goes wrong, the system will immediately report it. In addition, there are duplicate elements that immediately take over the work of the damaged ones.

9. Do you think you have managed to retire to the toilet, and no one will enter there?

There’s no such thing. The door can be opened from the outside by clicking on the device, which is usually located next to the “No smoking” sign.

10. If the plane landed in such a way that it scared everyone by hitting the ground hard, it does not mean that the pilot does not know his business

Quite the opposite! This is the only way to avoid some dangers, such as sliding on water.

11. Have you ever heard of a Faraday cage?

It turns out that it has to protect the plane from possible lightning.

12. The air in the cabin cannot be considered very clean

The air we breathe passes through the engines of the aircraft before getting into the cabin.

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