“Hélène et les Garçons”: the actors after more than 25 years and what they do

They still look like teenagers from the TV series

We remember the 90s with interesting foreign TV series. In addition to “Santa Barbara” and “Simplemente María”, the French TV series “Hélène et les Garçons” appeared on TV. This series won the hearts of young people, because it told the story of young students who fell in love and followed their dreams.

Now the actors, as well as the fans of the series have matured and changed. But how did the fate of our favorite heroes turn out?

Hélène – Hélène Rollès (1966)

The actress refused to act in the continuation of the acclaimed series and decided to devote herself to music. She has released many albums and is still doing what she loves. The actress was not married, but has two sons adopted in Ethiopia.

Nicolas – Patrick Puydebat (1971)

He starred in the continuation of the series, and after that he was noted in some more projects. But he connected his life with TV. Patrick is known as a screenwriter of TV shows and theatrical performances. And now he is hosting a program on French TV. He was married, but is now divorced.

Cathy – Cathy Andrieu (1970)

Katya decided to change her occupation. And after the end of the series, she went into the modeling business. She was filmed for advertising companies. The actress is raising two children from a colleague on the series David Proux. Now she is married to a French lawyer.

Etienne – David Proux (1968)

The role of Etienne became the only one for David Proux. After the TV series, he was not involved in any project. David decided to retrain and become a professional fashion model. And after the divorce from Cathy Andrieu, he became a photographer. His works are exhibited in France and Europe.

Johanna – Rochelle Redfield (1962)

The role of Johanna brought the actress huge popularity. She did not stop there and devoted herself to cinema. Rochelle continued to play in movies and TV series. She also works on French television. The actress has four children.

Christian “Cricri” – Sébastien Roch (1972)

The actor, like his colleague on the series Hélène Rollès, devoted himself to music. He successfully records albums and is engaged in producing. Sébastien appeared in several projects on TV and even played on the theater stage.

Bénédicte – Laure Guibert (1968)

Laure Guibert has always believed that drawing is her vocation. Therefore, after filming the series, she completely devoted herself to painting and left TV forever. Now she is a successful artist who passes on her knowledge and skills to her students. Laura is married and has two daughters.

José – Philippe Vasseur (1966)

He played in the continuation of the TV series and was noted in some other projects. However, he soon realized that cinema was not his vocation and left the industry. Now Philip is a successful entrepreneur, engaged in interior design and renovation of houses.

Laly – Laly Meignan (1968)

For the model Laly, the role in the TV series “Hélène et les Garçons” became her debut. She starred in the sequel to the TV series, as well as in various other projects on French television. Now she hosts a program on TV, together with Patrick Puydebat.

Sébastien – Sébastien Courivaud (1968)

The only professional actor in the cast of the series “Hélène et les Garçons”. After the end of the TV series, he actively starred in films and TV series. He was married, but divorced. The actor is raising his only daughter Luna.

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