90-year-old old woman wrote a touching letter to her neighbor and forgot about loneliness

She dreamed of a loved one, and got a whole family of such people.

It happens that a person outlives his loved ones. He is left with only loneliness, which he does not deserve. This story teaches you to take care not only of yourself and friends, but also of those who don’t even have anyone to talk to.

One day Marlene Brooks received a letter that changed her whole life. After reading it, she was able to do the same with the lives of other people.

In April 2017, a resident of Park Hills, Missouri, looked into the mailbox and found a letter there. The content was extremely unexpected, but that’s what caught her attention!

Miss? Would you agree to become my friend? I am 90 years old, I live alone, and all my friends have already passed away. I feel very lonely and scared. Please, I’m just praying for someone to come into my life.

The letter was sent by Wanda Mills, who lived two houses away from 37-year-old Brooks. Marlene couldn’t ignore such a heartbreaking message, so she went to visit her neighbor. Since then, she has been visiting her 4 times a week. And the women really managed to make friends.

Now Mills is already in a nursing house, but this does not prevent Marlene from visiting her even there. Moreover, the woman began to visit her neighbor in the company of her husband and children. Just imagine how much happiness this brings to 90-year-old Wanda! She dreamed of a loved one, and got a whole family of such people.

This story inspired Marlene so much that she started working with Pen Pals For Seniors, an organization that cares for the elderly.

If you have someone living next door as lonely as Wanda Mills, then give that person a drop of your attention. Believe me, they will be very grateful!

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