“We are all fakes, we are all spoiled”: 11 Anthony Hopkins quotes that sink deep into the soul

When I’m afraid of something, I challenge it. Living in fear is just stupid.

He is loved, respected, and listened to. Charismatic and incredible Anthony Hopkins. He never ceases to amaze not only with his film roles, but also with his arguments about life, meaning, love and happiness…

You see, alcoholism is a very complicated thing. On the one hand, you drink when you are happy, on the other – to drown your sorrows. But the word “demon”, in my opinion, is too strong. I would say that it is rather a kind of vulnerability, fear. We all face fear and feel vulnerability at one time or another in our lives. We must overcome them. If we lose this battle, there is no turning back. But if we gather all our strength into a fist, go to the end, then in the end we win. We must not give up, we must not despair – we must continue to fight for ourselves.

…if dreams are expressed out loud, then they will definitely be heard and become a reality.

I think a certain degree of narcissism is needed: it forms a sense of self-worth. Call it what you want – ego, vanity – but a person needs these qualities to move forward. It is important to know your worth and have strong beliefs.
Being in love means being out of your mind. This is a very deep and unpredictable feeling. This is crazy.

My father was a baker, and he didn’t give a shit about culture. I used to play the piano, and he would come in, shake the flour dust off his hairy hands and say, “What the fuck are you playing?” I say, “Beethoven.” And the father: “No wonder he’s deaf. For God’s sake, go out and do something.” Now I understand his cynicism in many ways.

All my life I have been searching for the truth (meaning of life). And the only thing I regret is the time spent to finally understand… the truth is that there is no truth… Live and enjoy life without asking questions…!

Life is choreography. Don’t ask for anything, don’t expect anything and take everything calmly. I think like this: “What people say or think about me does not concern me. I am who I am, and I do what I do just for fun. That’s how this game works. A wonderful game of life on its own field. There is nothing to win and nothing to lose, there is nothing to prove. No need to turn inside out. For what? Because I am essentially nobody and have always been nobody.” It came to me about ten years ago during a deep depression, when I was sitting in a Roman hotel. I repeated it to myself like a spell. And since then, many amazing events have happened in my life.

The best of us develop late. I was an idiot at school.

There is nothing more annoying than virtue and high morality. I’m not saying that I’m not a fake myself. Just as fake as everyone else. We’re all fakes. All charlatans, all spoiled, all liars.

When I’m afraid of something, I challenge it. Living in fear is just stupid.

I like my loneliness. I never let anyone get close, I was always dodging and dodging. Of course, I’m portraying warmth and friendliness. But I was always empty inside. No compassion, just carelessness – and so on all my life.

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