5-year-old boy fell into a deep well in Morocco and spent 4 days there

This five-year-old boy became the cause of public agitation in Morocco.

Ryan was playing not far from home, in the north of the country and inadvertently fell into a well. We were anxiously following the rescue of the child who fell into a narrow manhole at a depth of 28 meters.

On February 1, the baby and his father went to his place of work. The man was repairing a village well. Ryan was around all the time, but suddenly disappeared from the field of view. When they rushed to look for him, they found an abandoned well, only 25 centimeters wide and 32 meters deep. The child fell into it.

Rescuers were called to the scene, speleologists, police and a helicopter of the resuscitation team arrived here. The rescue operation was led by the Civil Security Directorate of Morocco. The special equipment involved was hastily digging a well parallel to the manhole where Ryan was located.

Additionally, another hole is dug, from the opposite side, to increase the chances of saving the child. Rescuers twice tried to pull the baby out through the hole into which he fell, but to no avail. They also did not dare to expand it, because of the danger of collapse. Because of the peculiarities of the soil, there is mainly a rocky-sandy soil. Experts feared that the walls of the manhole would crumble.

The condition of the boy, who fell from a height of almost three dozen meters, raises serious concerns. Rescuers lowered a camera into the manhole. It showed that the child was conscious. Minor injuries were noticed on his head. Ryan was also given an oxygen mask, which the child managed to use. Despite the fact that the operation had been going on for several days, none of the rescuers left their post.

A lot of caring people gathered around the scene of the incident. A campaign in support of the child was spreading on social networks. The work was almost completed, but it was at this stage that the risk of collapse of the walls of the well was at the highest level.

Later it was reported that the boy could not be saved.

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