The most premature born girl in the world went home

This girl has become a real miracle and a light of hope

A baby girl was recently discharged from a Singapore clinic, who a year ago was the smallest baby in the whole world. She was born weighing only 212 grams, and her tiny body was 24cm long. Now there are no problems with the girl. She was named Kuek Yu Xuan.

The baby’s mother (Won Mei Lin) and her husband live in Malaysia, but work in Singapore. They were planning to return to their native country to have the baby. The couple already had a son, now he is 4 years old. Mei Lin wanted to wait for the successful childbirth, but on June 8, 2020, she felt abdominal pain.

The doctors of the clinic diagnosed her with preeclampsia. Swelling of internal organs and an increase in blood pressure are symptoms of this condition. It usually threatens the life of the expectant mother and the baby. The doctors decided to urgently procure Wong Mei Lin, although the time was very short – it was only 25 weeks out of 40.

It was the first time any of the doctors at the National University Hospital had seen such a tiny newborn. And the chances of survival were minimal. The neonatologist of the clinic said that it was necessary to calculate the dosages of medicines individually and with an accuracy of up to tenths of a fraction. A special way of rolling up diapers was used to prevent their contents from coming into contact with the skin.

Yu Xuan’s skin was so thin that it literally stretched from the probes and tubes that carried oxygen and nutrition to her. She was artificially ventilated for a long time, as she did not breathe on her own. There was simply not enough time for the girl’s internal organs to develop.

13 long months later, the little Kuek is finally discharged from the hospital. Throughout the rehabilitation process, parents were required to pay a substantial amount – about 270 US dollars, collected from Singaporeans via crowdfunding campaigns (a general collection).

The baby is currently 6kg and 300g. However, she is unable to breathe normally due to a chronic lung disease. But doctors believe that Yu Xuan’s condition should improve over time. For her parents and for the whole of Singapore, this girl has become a real miracle and a light of hope.

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