Jolie appeared at a social event in an attractive outfit

Angelina has turned into a queen again!

The famous Hollywood actress together with her daughter Zahara visited an event, which was dedicated to famous women who are engaged in charity.

Angelina appeared in a luxurious coffee-colored long dress. The actress styled her hair in smooth waves. The main highlight of the image was her bright red lipstick. Jolie also put a little emphasis on her eyes with a black pencil and mascara.

The 16-year-old daughter of the actress was wearing a snow-white blouse and wide trousers. The girl emphasized her waist with a wide strap, and she was wearing high-soled sneakers.

So, Angelina took a joint photo with her daughter and the young writer A. Gorman, who came to the event in a bright pink outfit. Apparently, the young poet was very happy to appear in a photo with the celebrity.

Many stars at the event spoke about the power of women. As for the netizens, they were delighted with the appearance of the celebrity. Fans showered Angelina with a lot of compliments, saying that she has turned into a queen again!

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