The cat who was rescued from the fire caused admiration among netizens

The cute cat “put out” the fire all by himself :D

A cat rescued from a fire has won the hearts of millions of users around the world. Despite the fact that he was saved, his muzzle expresses all his courage.

The fire occurred in the Amur region in the small village of Magdagachi. When extinguishing the fire, rescuers saw a cat in the corner of one of the rooms. The cat was meowing, huddled in a corner, and beckoning rescuers to him. He couldn’t get out himself.

The fur and whiskers of the cat were burned and darkened. But he looked as if he had personally put out this fire. Many users have noticed this feature of it. The imperturbable and brave appearance of the cat sitting in the arms of the rescuer delighted many. And many jokingly suggested that the cat himself was extinguishing the fire, which is why he looks like that.

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