Evelina Bledans showed off her beauty at a social event

“How do you like my bold image?”

About three years ago, Evelina decided to seek help from a plastic surgeon to enlarge her breasts. Judging by her behavior in public, she still can’t get enough of this event.

The artist increasingly prefers outfits under which she does not wear anything, since in this way she emphasizes her figure. Basically, those are more transparent and dark outfits.

It would seem there’s nothing surprising, but the frequency of such outputs began to go off scale. For example, at a social event that took place recently, the artist recorded a video with a predictable theme: “Look at how cool my breasts are.”

By the way, Bledans added that she was afraid to be so brave, but if not her, then who would dare to do such a thing. “How do you like my bold image?”, she puzzled netizens with such a question.

How would you rate the unusual image of the artist? Share your opinion in the comments!

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