How an 8-year-old boy with amazing hair became famous in social networks

His magnificent hair is his pride!

Baby Farouk had gorgeous long hair from the age of two. The boy’s mother was going to take her son to the barber shop to “trim” his stunning curls.

However right before entering the barbershop, a stranger took Farouk’s picture on the street and shared it online.

At first, the mother was frustrated by the stranger’s act.

But after reading the comments of the photo, the mother was pleasantly surprised. The boy’s magnificent hair delighted everyone.

The woman changed her mind about cutting her son’s hair.

She created an Instagram account for the baby, and in just a month it gathered several thousand followers.

A couple of years later, Farouk took part in a fashion show in America.

The mother took over the difficult job of the hair care. Farouk’s hair length reached about 60 centimeters. His magnificent hair is his pride!

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