Monica Bellucci appeared on the new cover of a fashion magazine, showing her slender legs

She doesn’t mind natural changes in appearance

Monica Bellucci is the standard of beauty and femininity. At the age of 56, she regularly appears on the covers of fashion magazines and attracts millions of admiring glances around the world every time. Monica also sometimes accepts the invitation of directors to star in their films, but this happens not so often.

Fans of the beautiful model and actress are wondering why she does not turn to cosmetologists and plastic surgeons in order to maintain her attractiveness as long as possible.

To this, Bellucci replies that she is completely calm about natural changes in appearance and assures that she will never in her life go under the knife of a surgeon for the sake of imaginary ideals.

The other day, a new magazine cover was released, in which Monica appeared in a black bodysuit with a beige shirt on top. Everyone admired the slimness of the actress’ legs, because she does not even sit on diets, preferring to just enjoy life.

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