“I have to get in shape”: Britney Spears delighted fans with her toned figure

Doesn’t want to lag behind her boyfriend

A few days ago, singer Britney Spears decided to show off her figure. As the artist admitted, her young boyfriend inspired her to go in for sports. Sam looks very athletic, so Britney would not want to lag behind him.

A few days ago, the famous American singer shared a very interesting video with her followers. She showed off her figure in different bathing suits right on the porch of her house.

As the artist said, today she does a lot of sports, tries to eat properly and even adhere to a sleep regime.

Britney also attends boxing. According to the singer, this way she feels much more confident and stronger.

Followers enthusiastically accepted such a publication from the artist. Many of them supported the celebrity, noting that they love her the way she is.

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