People from Rajasthan with angel eyes

Angels On Earth

Every year, the world-famous camel fair is held in the town of Pushkar in the Indian state of Rajasthan. In fact, cattle trading is far from the main thing. It is a big international holiday and a public event with many components. It is notable for its color, as many different tribes and nationalities come to the fair from distant deserts. Photographer Magdalena Bagryanova found something amazing there – people with the eyes of angels.

This is the look of a person whose ancestors are of non-human origin.

In many mythologies, angels specifically caused shock and awe so that people would listen to them.

The messenger of the deity is not a pizza delivery man for you. People should tremble and catch his every word!

An angel is a creature of flesh, but he is a conductor of the higher will, and therefore has tremendous spiritual power.

He sees through liars, reads thoughts and can defeat a mighty warrior with one glance.

It happened so that angels became related to people.

Their descendants have no supernatural powers and only the magical shine of their eyes gives away their origin.

A beautiful fairy tale with beautiful pictures!

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