“Quickly found a replacement for Kanye!”: Rumors about Kim Kardashian’s new romance appeared on the internet

She prefers to take a little break from relationships

The famous American model Kim Kardashian has been familiar with the journalist and commentator Van Jones for many years. Information appeared on the Web that there is something more than just friendship between these famous personalities.

During her law studies, the Instadiva became very close to Van. Already next year, Kardashian will have to take an exam for a lawyer. By the way, they are interested in criminal reform. Let’s remember, that in 2018 they managed to save Alice Marie Johnson from life imprisonment.

The information that Kim is breaking up with her husband Kanye West has been floating on the Web for a year. And now, the couple have officially announced that they are no longer together. They have four children together.

The famous spouses have already agreed on the division of property and custody of children. In his turn, Jones broke up with his wife two years ago. He lived with Jana Carter for 14 years, but in 2019 they decided to divorce.

At the same time, many insiders claim that there could be a relationship between Kim and Van, but most likely they are simply united by common affairs.

Not so long ago, information has already appeared on the Web that Kim has gathered a considerable number of enviable suitors, but they will have to fight for the attention of such a beauty.

Despite the fact that many actors, entrepreneurs and many other successful personalities seek her favor, Kim herself prefers to take a little break from relationships. Today she is completely focused on children and work.

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