Long-awaited meeting: the owner found her dog, which was lost 10 years ago

The dog had a long journey before reuniting with his first owner

Serafima picked up the puppy in a Hydropark in 2008. She cured and looked after him. His family loved him very much and became attached to him. But the idyll did not last long. Once, while walking, someone lit a firecracker on the street. Karat was afraid of the noise and ran away.

For many years, the woman was looking for her pet. She put ads in the newspaper and pasted them on the streets. Later she saw his photo on the Internet. It turned out that not far from her house, the dog was hit by a car and taken away by volunteers. And later they found a new owner for him. Serafima was determined and was going to go to another city for her dog, but the volunteers stopped her.

“I wanted to go to the White Church myself. To look for him in the yards, then the volunteer stopped me again. They said: “This is not the way to do it. Because they have a good owner,” Serafima said.

And some time ago she saw Karat again on the Internet. Volunteers and the police took the dog from a resident of Irpen, who treated him cruelly. The dog was tied on a half-meter chain. He lived on the street, and was not cared for. After examination by a veterinarian, it turned out that he had multiple bumps and hematomas, as well as hemorrhages from strong blows. This woman will be tried for animal cruelty.

And Karat has returned to Serafima and is learning to live in the house anew. The woman and the children are happy!

Also, the dog was examined by the cynologist Konstantin Saichenko and assured that it really was the dog that ran away 11 years ago.

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