How to get a new apartment as a gift from the mayor of Derbent at the age of 9

Along with helping his mother with her job, he never forgets to do well at school

Amir Hashimov, at the age of 9, already knows about hard physical labor first-hand. The boy helps his mother, who works as a janitor, sweep the streets every day before school. Every resident of the district knows Amir.

To be able to take care of four children, Naida is forced to go to three jobs day and night to earn extra money by cleaning yards. The boy tries very hard to support his mother, who has to work hard to rent at least an old house.

When the new mayor of Derbent, Khizri Abakarov, found out about the boy, he was genuinely surprised by such support from Naida’s eldest son and admired Amir’s hard work.

The mayor called the child and his mother to his reception. During the conversation, Abakarov offered the boy to become his assistant. Now Amir had to inform the mayor about the difficulties of the district where Naira and her children live.

Abakarov also decided to help the Hashimov family and buy an apartment for them in a new building. The mayor has fulfilled his promise. The apartment with an area of about 60 square meters is located in an elite house in Derbent.

Very soon the family will move to the new apartment. The child makes plans in advance how he will have a sports corner in his room, as well as a comfortable desk for lessons.

It is worth noting that Amir, helping his mother every day, does not forget to study well.

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