Brave border guard was able to rescue cats from a sinking ship

The kittens wished to stay alive very much.

This week, the newest idol appeared on social networks – young Tatsafon Sayi, who is a fighter in a group from the coastal guard of Thailand. The young man was able to make a noise by braving his life in the most dangerous hour and was able to save four cats from a sinking ship, although it was not by order. The photo of the heroic action was quickly able to scatter all over the earth.

There was a fire on the already old ship and the full crew had left it.

The border guards arrived to see if there was a threat to the ebb of oil products. And then they noticed the remaining cats there!

The ship was already burning down, but there was a big chance to catch fire anew. In addition, the ship had almost sunk, right before their eyes it was going deep. The whole group could not say anything about the forgotten animals, and it was not in debt to the coast guard to save them. Still, the young man rejected every hesitation, put on a vest and jumped into the water.

As the guy told later, the cats turned out to be very smart. They did not scratch him with their claws, did not hinder him, tightly clutched his vest with their paws while he swam in the opposite direction. They wished to stay alive very much.
The affected animals were well dried, fed and examined. Fortunately, they all turned out to be safe and sound, only frightened. The animals were immediately brought to the command area on Ko Lipe Island, where they will now be watched until they can find a new home for them. Sayi got a reprimand – for putting his life in danger without an order, but also gratitude – for saving those who were in danger.

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