The wife of the “dancing millionaire” showed off her figure after childbirth

She looks no less attractive today

Not so long ago it became known that the world-famous “dancing millionaire” became a father. His wife – Sharon Fonseca – gave him a beautiful daughter, who received a very unusual name — Blu Jerusalema.

Despite being 53 years old, Gianluca became a father for the first time. By the way, his wife is only 25. But the big age difference does not interfere with their feelings at all. They were preparing for childbirth together, and already in the maternity ward they even managed to arrange a session of merry dancing.

A few days ago, Sharon showed off her figure to fans. It’s been two weeks since giving birth, but the woman honestly admitted that during pregnancy, she gained about 10 kilograms.

Already today, her figure is gradually coming into shape, but that former slimness is still far away. The girl admitted that after giving birth, her stomach shape changed and there were several stretch marks on her body.

Nevertheless, fans warmly accepted this picture, leaving Sharon a huge amount of compliments in the comments. Many encouraged the beautiful girl, noting that today she looks no less attractive.

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