“You stopped the time”: Monica Bellucci in a stylish image delighted fans

“This woman is a mystery!”

The amazing actress continues to prove that time has no power over her! She again took part in the company of the brand “Cartier”, and impressed all the fans with a bright image, and her eternal youth!

For the photoshoot, stylists picked up an orange jumpsuit for our heroine, and a fuchsia turtleneck. They emphasized the slender waist of the actress with a massive belt with a metal buckle. The beauty threw a brown leather jacket over her shoulders!

Netizens were delighted with the blooming appearance of the actress. They showered her with compliments, and asked her to tell how the artist manages to look like this at the age of 56!

“Beautiful as always!”, “This woman is a mystery! You are my ideal!”, “How many hearts has this goddess broken?!”, “Flawless. And how does she manage it?” — the star’s Instagram followers wrote in the comments.

Bellucci also recently boasted that her eldest daughter got on the cover of the famous French edition of ELLE. We would like to note that the daughter of the actress inherited the beauty of her famous mother! The girl plans to become a model, and is already making confident steps in this direction.

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