“Too much botox”: J Lo showed herself without makeup

Do not waste your time humiliating others, and you will clearly become more attractive!

Probably everyone understands that Jennifer Lopez looks just great for her age. At 51, the star is able to give odds even to young actresses. She looks so amazing that it even pisses off her haters, so they are constantly trying to catch the actress in Botox.

For this reason, J Lo decided to independently admit to fans that she sought help from plastic surgeons and gave beauty injections. A few days ago, the pop diva shared a video in which she is depicted without makeup. Thus, the star wanted to demonstrate the wonders of her moisturizing mask from her own brand.


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This video caused a huge amount of discussion among fans. And while some admired the gorgeous appearance of the performer, others began to accuse her of constantly using beauty injections.

Jennifer asked her detractors to try cosmetics from her brand to make sure that these are very high-quality products. Also, the celebrity decided to reveal her main beauty secret. It is about being kinder and more positive to other people. Do not waste your time humiliating others, because it clearly makes a person more attractive.

The artist also mentioned that she regularly visits a cosmetologist. Lopez has repeatedly stated that she has to spend thousands of dollars a week on placental masks alone. She assures that such masks are a real salvation for those who want to become younger without visiting plastic surgeons.

Here, many fans of the pop diva supported her. And what do you think about this? Write your opinion in the comments!

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