Cat Baron: stories about how a pregnant cat changed a person’s life

Imagine you come home, and there’s a surprise meowing

Two years ago, a resident of London named Paris Zarsilla returned home, opened the closet and saw a cat there. Despite the fact that he didn’t have any cat! But this is just the beginning. The cat managed to take a fancy to his jumper and give birth to four kittens there! What a surprise! And here’s what happened next.

You come home like this, and there’s a surprise meowing.

The man did not think long. The kittens turned out to be too charming

How can you not love such a miracle?

And so Paris became a “cat dad”. He got down to business in earnest, got a bunch of consultations on caring for kittens, bought them everything they needed, did all the vaccinations. Most of all, the guy was struck by the reaction of the community,. Everyone tried to help him, as if they had the kittens. At the same time, let’s remember that the cat came from nowhere and there were no cats in his life before. What a twist of fate.

Two years later: the cat Baron!

When there are five adult cats in the house, you can never get bored

Someone even launched a fundraising campaign for cats, but it had to be curtailed. Because caring people have sent too, too many things, toys, equipment and other necessary things. Not to mention the money. Paris really felt like some kind of cat lord, but modesty and common sense prevailed, and he limited the acceptance of donations. There is nothing to spoil the pets, they are already perfectly settled. Except for the boxes. The owner of the cat family never refuses the boxes, they are always in demand!

Food? Is there any food here? We’re already hungry!

As Paris himself admits, he became an avid cat lover and changed a lot in life for the better. It must have been a sign from above when a pregnant kitty came to him two years ago!

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