“Where’s the belly?”: pregnant Meryem Uzerli in a transparent dress shocked social networks


Meryem Uzerli recently caused confusion among her fans. The fact is that the actress attended a party of a famous brand in Berlin and put on, as the public believes, a dress that is not appropriate for a pregnant woman.

Meryem is already on the 6th month and in winter the family will be replenished with another daughter. Of course, the figure of the Turkish star has noticeably changed, which, however, did not prevent her from appearing at the event in a corset dress made of transparent openwork fabric. Later, she posted pictures from the social party on her Instagram.

Fans found the outfit overly revealing and advised her to choose more modest things in her position. In addition, some were also surprised by the fact that the belly is not visible at all in the photo. The artist acted wisely and did not discuss this topic with followers, only in one comment noted that she respects everyone’s freedom and would like the same attitude to herself.

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