52-year-old Julia Roberts showed a photo without filters

She looks gorgeous

Julia Roberts has a lot of advantages. She is not only a good, successful actress, but also an incredibly attractive woman. At the moment she is already 52 years old, she looks young and feminine, and without plastic surgery and Botox.

Julia has repeatedly expressed her opinion about plastic surgery. She is categorically against any intervention in nature, so she does not visit beauty clinics. Julia is sensitive to her every wrinkle, but at the same time you should know it is important to always take care of yourself. The actress uses various methods for skin care, she independently prepares masks for rejuvenation.

Julia believes that the main factor of beauty is health. Therefore, throughout her life she enjoys sports, chooses a healthy diet and strictly monitors what she eats.

The result of this approach cannot but be admired. At 52, Julia is just fantastically slim, as in the old days. Time seems to have forgotten about the actress. Julia Roberts is not shy about her age and easily shares pictures without filters and editing.

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