“Real happiness”: actress Cameron Diaz became a mom at 47

They gave up almost everything to finally become happy

As you know, Hollywood star Cameron Diaz is with Benji Madden. The actress has repeatedly told the paparazzi that she wants to become a mom.

In one of his interviews, her husband said that together with Cameron they had to go through a lot before becoming parents. According to him, doctors even advised him to give up bad habits.

Cameron had to give up filming. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as you know, greatly affects the health of children. Therefore, the actress had to drink vitamins and follow a diet.

It was difficult for the star of the films “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Holiday” to get pregnant. Trips to the doctor and the support of close and dear people helped.

According to the husband, the birth went well, although Benji was very worried while waiting in the corridor. The daughter of our heroes was born healthy, without any problems.

A few hours later, the couple shared the information with followers. Fans and friends were incredibly happy for the new parents.

Today, the famous parents and their long-awaited daughter feel great. Cameron wants to continue filming movies when the baby grows up a little. One can only be happy for this family and wish them good luck.

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