In real life and in film: comparing the images of Kim Cattrall and her heroine Samantha

Do you prefer Samantha Jones or Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall, who played one of the roles in the popular TV series “Sex and the City”, has repeatedly noted that she has a lot in common with her character. This, however, only concerns the character, as the style of Samantha Jones’ clothes is very different from the images of Kim Cattrall.

The actress is 64 today. Once she made a choice in favor of a career, giving up family life. In order to always remain on the list of the most attractive Hollywood beauties, Kim had to exhaust herself with strict diets. However, she does it even now, as she has a tendency to be overweight.

Cattrall is considered one of the most bitchy Hollywood actresses. And not by chance. Like her heroine, she is often acid-tongued and will not let herself be offended. For example, the actress did not put up with the fact that her partner on the series Sarah Jessica Parker received many times more than all the other girls.

She announced a boycott of both the creators of the project and her colleague. And when she found out that 75% of the “serial” wardrobe would go to Parker, she was just furious.

However, the actress still did not like the images of her character. In real life, she prefers more reserved clothes. Although in her youth, our heroine sometimes wore open outfits. But over time, her style changed and became more strict.

It is worth noting that the actress very competently selects images for herself that correspond to her age. Our heroine is also loved and respected for the fact that she does not try to look younger than her years.

As for her heroine Samantha, we can safely say that her slightly provocative and bright outfits, complemented by unusual jewelry and gorgeous hats, look simply stunning.

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