The actress of “Basic Instinct” – Jeanne Tripplehorn

She didn’t have an lively acting career, but still managed to admire many

The debut of the girl happened at the age of 28, when she starred in the film “Basic Instinct”. After the project, not only the audience, but also the directors began to talk about Jeanne. But in 1995, the film “Waterworld” was released, which, by the way, was very popular in Russia.

Such a beginning, it would seem, speaks of a further successful career, although Tripplehorn did not participate in any more well-known projects. Many say that all because the appearance of the actress did not meet the “standards” of Hollywood.

And yet the woman did not despair and found herself on TV. She took part in the TV series “Big Love” and was even nominated for an Emmy Award.

In the 2010s, Jeanne did not appear much on the screens, but her personal life during this period was developing very well. She divorced her first husband back in the 90s. Later, our heroine married her colleague Leland Orser. Subsequently, the couple had a son. The lovers are still together.

It is worth noting that recently Tripplehorn still reminded fans a little about herself. She took part in series “Mrs. America”.

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