Adriano Celentano’s wife in her youth

Claudia Mori is a very beautiful woman

In her youth, Adriano Celentano’s wife was such an attractive girl that not only men paid attention to her. And even today, in her 70s, she looks great.

This charming Italian woman won the heart of the famous man at first sight. And for more than 50 years, the fire of their love has not been extinguished.

Of course, age affected the appearance of the artist’s wife, but devoted fans still believe that Claudia is the personification of female beauty.

The couple does not hesitate to show their feelings even in public. And despite the fact that they have lived together for half a century, they managed to maintain warmth and tenderness for each other.

By the way, they met in 1963 on the set of the movie “Uno strano tipo”.

It’s funny, but at first Claudia didn’t like the artist very much and only over time, thanks to his charisma, he still managed to charm the girl.

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