Interesting facts from the life of the charming Monica Bellucci

Lawyer, model, actress and not only…

As everyone knows, stunning Monica Bellucci has always had a huge army of fans. Her play is admired, many women dream of being like her. Today we would like to tell you some interesting facts from the life of this charming artist.


It was difficult not to notice the beauty of young Monica, but it is worth noting that in those years it did not bring her anything good. When she had to work as a waitress, men paid too much attention to the young beauty. And later their wives came to the cafe and constantly arranged conflicts.


All her life, Monica wanted to be a lawyer. By the way, while studying at the Faculty of Law, she had to work as a model. In the future, she achieved considerable success in this area, so she realized that it was worth developing in this direction. And the desire to become an actress came to her much later.


Despite the fact that Bellucci is Italian by origin, she is fluent in three other foreign languages: English, French and Spanish. Such knowledge, of course, was useful to her in her work.


For the first time Monica experienced the joy of motherhood only at the age of 40. Married to Vincent Cassel, they had two daughters.

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