She dictated the fashion for tattoos in the early 20s. The Story of “Tattooed Venus” by Betty Broadbent

In general, about 460 tattoos were applied to the skin of our heroine

This girl, who was later called the “Tattooed Venus” and who had a beautiful smile, began to dictate the fashion for tattoos in Europe. Betty was never shy about it and did not pay attention to the mockery. She saw a certain beauty in the drawings on the skin.

Even at an advanced age, Betty Broadbent remained popular. All her life she aroused the interest of the public. Today we would like to tell you about this amazing woman.

Betty was born in a very ordinary American family in 1909. Back then no one could even think that in the future she would become a famous person.

At the age of 14, the girl fell in love with an adult guy whose body was completely covered with tattoos. It was he who in the future introduced Betty to his friend, a tattoo artist, who a few years later decorated almost the entire body of our heroine with intricate patterns.

In addition, the girl always wore beautiful jewelry – rings, chains, elegant watches. But whatever it was, most of all she was remembered precisely because of her numerous tattoos. By the way, when Betty got a new look, she decided that the world should know about her, so she started performing in the circus. She had a motorcycle stunt act, but during the performance people could appreciate her unusual appearance.

In the future, Betty herself learned how to do tattoos. In those years, this area was just beginning to gain popularity. But she did not give up circus tours.

Broadbent ended her circus career when she was about 50. And since 1967, she simply enjoyed a quiet life. Note that in general, about 460 tattoos were applied to the skin of our heroine.

This unusual woman died in 1983. However, her story remained in the memory of many people for a long time.

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