The owner of the biggest hips in North Africa is dating a guy half her size

Unusual but loving couple

Eudoxie Yao is not an ordinary girl. She is the owner of the biggest hips in the entire North African area. And recently she started dating an equally non-standard guy who is half her size. Moreover, Yao is absolutely sure that the size does not matter. Moreover, her boyfriend may soon become president.

Eudoxie lives in Côte d’Ivoire, and she is known not only in her homeland, but throughout Africa. The main reason is the outstanding and very wide hips of the girl, which exceed one and a half meters in girth. For such a feature, Yao is even sometimes called the “African Kardashian”.

This unique feature does not prevent Eudoxie from living at all, but, on the contrary, helps. She has no difficulty in choosing clothes and acquires tight things, not afraid to flaunt the most noticeable part of her body. Yao works as a plus-size model, often participates in various TV shows, shares details of her life and earns well.
At the end of the summer, the media drew attention to the personal life of the model. Eudoxie had a boyfriend – the Guinean rapper Grand P (Moussa Sandiana Kaba). The guy has a non-standard appearance and short stature, but the couple is not ashamed of this.

In their photos, Grand P looks twice, or even three times smaller than his luxurious chosen one, Eudoxie. But both do not pay attention to the differences in size and are sure that it does not mean anything at all and does not interfere with their happiness and love in any way.

Yao often posts pictures with her boyfriend on social networks and sometimes goes into details of the relationship, admitting that Grand P often gives reasons to be jealous of him. So, he regularly kisses fans on the lips, although he is going to marry Eudoxie and confesses his love to her. The girl is afraid that such behavior of her boyfriend may not please her parents and prevent marriage.

Yao believes in a bright future and is determined, because her boyfriend is going to take part in the presidential elections in Guinea. In the meantime, lovers enjoy each other’s company and share their happiness with fans.

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