This moment can be reviewed again and again: the dance of Driss from the movie “The Intouchables”

A gorgeous dance that amazed absolutely everyone!

A huge number of people know about this great film, which was shot just in a great country – France. This movie is called “The Intouchables”. There are a lot of cool and incredibly funny moments in this movie, one of which you can see in this video!
Today you will be able to see how one of the characters of this film danced an incredibly chic dance, which simply amazed absolutely everyone by looking spectacular and funny! And also the music that was inserted under this dance also just wins the hearts of many! We hope you enjoy this dance!

In fact, we always knew that dark-skinned guys are very talented people, which only the world has not seen! Okay, we won’t torment you for a long time. we hope that you will share this video with your family and friends! Enjoy the video, our! It will be very interesting!

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