How Evelina Bledans’ 7-year-old son, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome, grows and develops

Special children are able to teach adults sincerity and emotionality

When Evelina Bledans became pregnant for the second time, she was 42 years old. And in the first trimester, the doctors told her the sad news: the child would be a carrier of an additional chromosome, and, consequently, suffer from Down syndrome. But the actress did not go for an abortion, she decided to give birth. On April 1, 2012, her special son, Semyon, was born.

Even then Evelina decided that her son would live a full life. At 6 months old, Semyon starred in an advertisement for diapers and since then he has been a frequent guest of various shootings. The kid had social media accounts where parents shared his successes with users.

“Yes, I promote people with Down syndrome in the person of Semyon Syomin! Only our family is not afraid to talk openly about this problem and gather around us people who used to be embarrassed to do it”,- that’s how Evelina answered people who accused her of using her sick son for her own PR.

It was thanks to such coverage of Semyon’s life that many parents with the same diagnosis were able to believe in their happy future, and also received a lot of information and tremendous support.

Semyon was born with many serious diseases: a heart defect, congenital dislocation of the patella. In the first year of his life he did not close the “window” in his heart, and the baby was under constant supervision of specialists.

Fortunately, the “window” still closed, and an operation was performed on his knees at the age of 4, after which he was able to walk normally.

Syoma grows up open and liberated thanks to his parents. They introduce him to public life, take him to events, introduce him to other children. The boy is very smiling, sociable, friendly. This is truly a “sunny” child.

On the Responsible Parents Project YouTube channel, Evelina said that when her son sees children with the same or other deviations, he approaches, communicates and hugs them.

According to her, special children are able to teach adults sincerity and emotionality.

On September 1, 2019, Semyon went to the 1st grade. The parents refused the option of home schooling, decided to send the boy to a specialized school. From an early age, mom and dad paid attention to the socialization and comprehensive development of their son, so he will have no problems communicating with his peers. Semyon is very artistic. He plays the piano, reads poetry, participates in theatrical plays.

In May 2019 Evelina Bledans has established the charity foundation “We are all different!”, whose activities are aimed at supporting special children, their integration into society.

The Foundation holds children’s holidays, picnics, charity concerts, organizes visits to the aquarium, performances, ice shows for children. Teachers and volunteers create an atmosphere in which neither special children nor others feel uncomfortable when communicating.

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