What Monica Bellucci really looks like: 6 photos from street photographers

Wrinkles haven’t ruined her beauty

Can anyone doubt the beauty and elegance of Monica Bellucci? This woman has been serving as a standard of beauty for many years and, apparently, is not going to give up her position. In addition to her beauty, Monica boasts intelligence and wisdom.

Those ladies who follow beauty trends will confirm that Bellucci is in fashion in any weather. However, no one has been able to resist the laws of nature so far, and even such world cults, like our heroine, humbly accept the “gifts” of life.

The most skillful photographers managed to catch Monica outside of luxurious outfits, parties with a chic make-up. Without the work of makeup artists, it has already become noticeable that wrinkles appeared on Monica’s face. But it definitely doesn’t make her ugly.

But it is worth noting that this woman has never in her life sought help from plastic surgeons. But another beauty, Jolie, herself admitted that she had more than once gone under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Today we picked up pictures of street photographers who captured Monica at a time when she did not expect it.

That’s how she is without pretentious images!

Still a cutie…

Has she gained weight?


Did you notice any resemblance to Jolie?

What do you think?

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