The Royal Family visited Pakistan: Kate Middleton surprised everyone with her outfits

Some journalists found similarities between the outfits of Kate and Princess Diana

Recently, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Pakistan to maintain friendship between the countries. Since the situation in Pakistan is not as calm as before, together with the Royal Family, the military and police arrived there to escort and provide protection.
Back in 2006, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, as well as Princess Diana in 1996, pleased with their visit to this country.

The prince and his wife decided to leave the rest of the family at home. This way the children would stay safe and would not miss their lessons.
Kate Middleton and her closet attracted the most attention. On the very first day, she made the Pakistani people love her. She put on their traditional outfit (shalwar kameez), which looked just amazing. Kate wore tight trousers, a light blue shirt dress, pale cream shoes and barely noticeable earrings resembling water drops. Some journalists found similarities between the outfits of Kate and Princess Diana. Most likely, it was a deliberate move.

On the second day, the Royal Family visited various schools and parks. Once again, Kate Middleton shone in a traditional outfit (kurta), which she acquired upon arrival in the country. She picked up beige shoes for the image, which surprised the journalists. They cost only $38, so everyone considered them excessively cheap for such a woman.

Diplomatic meetings were held in a different outfit. Kate picked up a green outfit with long sleeves and white trousers. She complemented the look with a scarf with a traditional ornament and green shoes. She was holding a cute clutch bag matching the color of her shoes.
No one doubted that the Duchess had impeccable taste!

And in the evening, the beautiful woman appeared in an incredible green dress. Her husband also did not lag behind and also harmoniously combined in his traditional green outfit. It is said that the Duchess will continue to delight the eye with her outfits during the time she will spend in Pakistan. She will wear things reminiscent of Princess Diana’s outfits. Maybe there’s something in it!

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