How the smallest couple in the world lives

They look so cute together!

Although this couple has become the smallest in the world, they consider themselves the biggest motivators. This couple is very cheerful and positive. They met on a social network. Paulo was captivated by the beauty of the girl and decided to get to know her better, but Katyucia found the guy too annoying, so only after 1.5 years she decided to text him. All this time Paulo was waiting for her.

Since they lived in different cities, at first they only corresponded, then they started dating. And soon they decided to get married. So Paula and Katyucia became the smallest couple in the world, according to the Guinness Book of Records. Paulo got a law degree, now he works in the mayor’s office. And Katyucia opened her own beauty salon, as she is a cosmetologist by profession.

The couple is happy together. They have a cute dog – a Yorkshire terrier. Of course, they dream of having a child, but they understand that this is almost impossible due to their physiology. Perhaps they will adopt a baby.

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