Unusual glowing markings will appear in Australia

Do you approve this innovation as a driver?

On country roads in Australia, a new unusual road marking will appear that can glow at night. The State of Victoria began to introduce innovative technology.

Recently, the company Tarmac Linemarking, which is the author and ideological inspirer of this project, published pictures of the road with a new marking. The principle of operation is simple: photoluminescent paint is applied to already existing strips, which heats up sunlight during the day.

After dark, the markings begin to glow greenish, and so brightly that drivers will be able to see it even during rain or fog. According to the idea of the developers, the innovation will allow drivers to better navigate unlit sections of roads, to see pedestrian and bicycle paths from afar, as well as structures that are not obvious in the dark like boat descents.

The innovative marking has become part of a large program to improve safety on the state’s roads. In 2021, the government of the country allocated 245 million Australian dollars for it. At the same time, 4 million of them will go to road retroreflectors, tactile tiles with LED lighting in front of pedestrian crossings and just for unusual markings.



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