“Lost her former form”: paparazzi caught Diaz on a walk with her little daughter

Her fans admire her, as she stands for natural beauty

Cameron Diaz is a famous Hollywood actress who has long been popular not only among viewers, but also among directors and producers.

You could see her in such films as “The Holiday”, “The Mask”, “Charlie’s Angels” and many others. Not so long ago, the woman appeared on the streets of the city where she lives. Paparazzi managed to photograph her there.

The woman appeared in the photos in a long black sundress, sandals and a regular denim jacket. She also carried her daughter in her arms. The baby was dressed in a white jumpsuit, and there was a hairpin on her head.

The woman is already 50 years old. Her fans admire her, as she stands for natural beauty.

However, under this photo, many people wrote that the actress began to look tired and heavy. And what do you think about it? Share your opinion with us!

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