The owner wanted to put this dog to sleep, but it was saved in time!

She survived and now has a happy life in a loving family

Mocha, a 14-year-old Pit Bull, was taken to a shelter. She was skinny, weighing only 10kg. Her owner had one wish – to put her to sleep. Euthanize Mocha – the dog that recently gave birth, and she still had milk in her breast.

The owner left Mocha, but Shelly Phillips-Wright, who was at the shelter when Mocha was brought in, had only one thought.

“I saw the tumors on her and thought she didn’t have long left. I wanted her to know love before her time came. I felt connected to her.”

Instead of dying, as her owner wanted, Mocha went home with Shelly.

Mocha had breast tumors, several on her legs and ears. Shelly had expected the worst. She always helped dogs and wanted to do everything she could for Mocha to make her feel better.

Shelly was surprised when the vet told her that all the tumors on Mocha were benign.
“I was happy that Mocha didn’t have cancer and that she was going to move on.”

All the tumors were removed. In addition, an operation was performed to remove the ovaries, and Mocha was assigned a special diet so that she could safely gain weight.

“When I brought Mocha home, she had to eat on schedule. First – five times a day, then – four, then – three, then – the usual schedule.”

Now Mocha weighs 28,5 kg, and she shares her house with four other dogs. One of Mocha’s new sisters is Bella, a tiny black pit bull rescued from a dog breeder for fighting.

Having given birth 13 times, Mocha has been a mom all her life. But now it’s Mocha’s turn to have a mom who loves and cares about her.

At the same time, Shelly believes that not only Mocha, but she herself has changed first of all. Shelly said she “felt honored to be able to give Mocha her first real home.”

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