Wake up, dear women! “I’m almost 60, but I look 30”

Stop chasing youth so desperately and just enjoy your life

Recently, you can often see collections of those world famous women who, at 40, 50 and even 60 years old, look younger than many young girls.

You look at their photos taken during some events, and you think: “Yes, she really is beautiful.”

But what if you look at random pictures of these women, you can see that they are not at all what we imagine them to be. Perhaps we are more beautiful than them. Our neck is longer, and our legs and thighs are not so heavy.

Agree, you are happy when you see them in this form. Then there is already a great opportunity to come off in full and compare yourself with them.

What conclusion should be drawn? The photos are being edited, and these stars actually look different.

None of them can look younger than 20-year-old girls. Nobody! This is a lie! Neither Valeria, nor Varum, nor Bellucci and even Lopez. Yes, they are beautiful, but at 50 one can look at most 40.

This is what 30-year-old girls look like!

What do I want to say? Maybe it’s time to stop chasing youth so desperately and just enjoy life. Don’t be fooled, dear ladies! You’re still beautiful!

And what is your opinion on this?

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