Sakichi Toyoda: how to solve problems on your path of success

The method of “five whys”

Here is a very productive method, called “five whys”, that will help you solve any problem arising on your path of success. This method was developed by Sakichi Toyoda – the founder of Toyota.

Still in his early childhood, Toyoda was interested in solving mechanisms and discovering new things. He became the man who gave the world automation and electronics, which were a huge success and could reach unsurpassed heights.

This man developed the method of “five whys”, which can surely help anyone in overcoming difficulties. The method focuses on the root cause and helps you find the main problem that is causing obstacles in your path. it can help you succeed in business. However, this method is useful in everyday life, as well.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine, you want to buy some pretty expensive blue boots, but you already have the red ones. You need to ask yourself “Why?”. The answer may be: “Because it is important for me to look my best”. “Why?”, “because I am isolated and do not want to communicate with them”. Once again, “why?”, “because I can’t think of anything to talk about with them”, “Why?”, “Because I feel completely alone in their company.”

Turns out, you wanted to buy those blue boots just for you to capture your colleague’s attention. And the main problem is, that you lack communication with them.
This method is really productive in any life situation. It helps us face the main problems and find a way to solve them.
What do you think about this method?
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