DiCaprio has changed dramatically for his young lover

The actor seems happier by her side

46-year-old DiCaprio has the fame of a womanizer in Hollywood. He mostly choses his girlfriends based on their model appearance. Most probably, the list of his lovers is endless. But none of these lovers was able to bring Leo to the altar.

Now the actor is happily dating 23-year-old model Camila Morrone. Fans were convinced their relationship wouldn’t last long, but the couple have been together for 3 years already.

The actor’s friends mentioned, that before dating Camila, Leo used to spend most of his time with them. But now he prefers to stay with his young lover. Camila has an easy and outgoing character, so she is in good relationships with Leo’s family. This is what actually captivated the actor. His friends are sure, he’s going to propose to the model.

The actor’s family noticed, that the girl had changed Leo dramatically. He has even shown that he’s serious about their relationship.

The couple attended the Oscar ceremony together. Before her, only Gisele Bündchen had had the chance to stand next to DiCaprio at the ceremony.

Leo has got prettier to catch up with his girlfriend. The couple don’t keep their relationship a secret from the public. They live together, so even quarantine didn’t manage to part them. They are inseparable.

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