Little dog was begging for food in the streets

She turned out to be a very smart and outgoing puppy

One day, a woman heard some cries while passing by an abandoned building. She followed the cries and came across a cute puppy.

She called her husband at once to save the baby.

The puppy was starving and was unable to even stand. The spouses took her home. She was so cute and small! After feeding her, the spouses took her to a vet clinic, so that she could get all the necessary treatment.

Following the advice of the specialists, they bought food and some toys, to make the little member of the family happy. She was getting well day by day. She got used to her new family, and it became a real home for her.

The puppy was also very smart and quick to learn new things. She was outgoing and managed to make friends with other animals.

The puppy now enjoys daily walks with her foster father.

The family is willing to keep this pet all her life. She brings them happiness and joy.

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