Dog with no front limbs is constantly hugging his owner

This strong puppy is fighting for his life!

This puppy was born with no front paws. His mother didn’t leave him behind, but he couldn’t walk past his siblings to eat. The puppy was named Nubby.

Lou Robinson is Nubby’s foster mother. She said: “His siblings were always pushing him away. He might’ve died”. Robinson is a veteran and the founder of the non-profit organization “Warriors Educate About Rescue”. The organization gives classes about animal welfare.

We can be sure that the puppy is in safe hands.

Lou’s husband – Mark Robinson – helps her look after Nubby. The spouses spent a lot of time and effort learning how to take proper care of the newborn puppy.

Nubby needed to be fed with bottle in order to prevent aspiration pneumonia. “Day by day, Nubby was flourishing. He’s a good boy!”, says Robinson. The puppy created his own verbal as well as non-verbal means of communication as soon as his eyes and hearing developed.

Only three weeks after his birth, things were already going downhill. Nubby started sneezing and didn’t look hungry anymore. As the x-ray results showed later, pneumonia was not the only problem of the puppy. He was also suffering from congenital esophageal anomaly.

Nubby was getting large doses of antibiotics injected. Later he was put in an oxygen chamber. Robinson always believed, that despite of his breathing difficulties, the puppy would get well.

We all hope, that Nubby will survive all these problems, as he has all the opportunities for that.

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