5-year-old girl amazed the world with her beauty

She has an angelic appearance by nature

Some kids are so beautiful, you never get enough of looking at them. Kaya Rose is one of these kids. People cant help staring at her on the streets or on social networks.

The girl was born in 2015. Her father is an Afro-American football player, and her mother is a fair-skinned, attractive woman. Even still in the maternity hospital, the whole medical staff came to her ward to admire the baby.

The girl grew up, and her swarthy skin, blue eyes and curly blonde hair started captivating everyone who met her. She took all the best features from her parents.

When Kaya was only 4 years old, representatives of famous brands saw her photos on the internet and got in touch with her parents. They invited Kaya to photoshoots. And the girl became a model from a rather young age.

Filming brings the girl great income. It’s enough to provide for her whole family, without her parents ever working.

However, her parents don’t like indolence. They do their best to support Kaya achieve even greater heights in the modeling business. The parents want the best future for their angel-like daughter.

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