School janitor changed her appearance and amazed everyone

This makeover is a real miracle!

Victoria Shishkina used to work in a dental clinic and was happily married. Soon she developed health problems and as a result started gaining weight. When the woman reached the weight of 150kg, her husband left her.

It was getting more and more difficult for Victoria to work in the clinic, so she quit and found a job of a janitor at school. Health problems as well as problems in her personal life were weakening the woman. For a long time she was living as a hermit. She would spent all her time alone at her house, refusing to talk to anyone. Victoria hated her reflection in the mirror and suffered from this a lot.

However, she got tired of such a lifestyle and decided to change it. She found an experienced and qualified nutritionist who helped her lose up to 80kg of weight.

But such rapid weight loss resulted on sagging skin and other cosmetic problems. The Victoria decided to take part in the program “10 years younger”, which also helped her a lot.

First of all, she needed a plastic surgery to get rid of excess skin and to tighten the chest.

Naturally, she also had wrinkles, but cosmetologists managed to solve this problem too. Then dentists got down to business. The woman got a beautiful snow-white smile.

New stylish clothes and simple makeup complemented Victoria’s image. She then appeared in front of the audience in all her glory.

This makeover was a real miracle! The program managed to return Victoria to life full of self-love and appreciation.

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