This man planted thousands of plants to confess his love

He created a heart-shaped garden for his wife!

There are still people who believe it’s necessary to express your love and gratitude through actions.

This gentleman planted thousands of plants in memory of his beloved wife. This is what true love might look like!

Janet and Winston House married in 1962. They loved each other from the first sight. The newlyweds moved to live in a beautiful farm in England. Here they created their own fairytale.

Together they were raising one child in the farm. However, after 30 years of marriage, Janet developed heart problems. Janet was lucky to have a loving husband like Winston. He took care of her and never stopped loving her. Winston simply couldn’t imagine his life without her.

It was hard for the man to overcome the loss of his beloved. Winston knew it was impossible to bring Janet back to life. However, instead of getting into depression and isolation, the man hatched a unique plan. He planted a beautiful garden to prove his love to his wife. if you look at the garden from the sky it looks like a heart. All his efforts were in the memory of his late wife!

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