Stray dog managed to save her babies from drowning

The puppies are kind, affectionate and love people

An old female dog used to live in a kennel by the river. Early in winter, the dog gave birth to two puppies. Volunteers found the little family and fed them. They even tried to tame the mother and find different homes for the puppies.

When the volunteers visited them the second time, they didn’t find the kennel in its original place. It would’ve been impossible to carry the kennel away, as it was rather big. Unfortunately, the dog family had also disappeared. The mother dog was running along the shore and at some point jumped in.

Volunteers immediately realized what had happened, and started worrying about the mother and her puppies.

After a while, the adult dog appeared above the water, carrying one of the puppies in her teeth. The mother took both puppies out of the water and laid them in front of the volunteers.

Both of the puppies ended up in the house of one of the volunteers. They were surrounded with love and affection in the house. The volunteers didn’t manage to catch the timid mother. They tried to trap the dog and catch her that way, but whenever she saw people, she would jump into the water and swim away.

Asya and Yasya – the puppies – have grown a lot in this one year. Unfortunately, the volunteers couldn’t find a permanent home for them. No one wanted to adopt these adorable ladies. The puppies are kind, affectionate and love people.

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